A brief word about the Jesuits

amdg-stained-glass-window-224x300Welcome to the official website of the South African Jesuits.  Here you will find much information about the Society of Jesus in South Africa and, more widely, internationally.

The Jesuits are the largest group of male religious (priests and brothers) within the Catholic Church.  There are around 18,000 Jesuits worldwide.  We are called to serve the church in many different ways.

We are known as “apostolic religious.”  This means that we are called to be with Christ at the heart of the world.  Our founder, Saint Ignatius of Loyola thought it most important that we should carry out not only those sacramental ministries particular to priests, like conducting baptisms, weddings, funerals and hearing confessions, but also to participate more fully in ordinary public life.  Jesuits are, therefore, teachers in universities and schools, doctors, astronomers, psychologists, historians and mathematicians to mention but a few.

Another key aspect of our ministry is to be of service to the poor and marginalised in our world. A recent document produced guidelines for our life and ministry as Jesuits. Read the excerpt below to understand what really makes us tick…

To find divine life at the depths of reality is a mission of hope given to us Jesuits […]
we are able to see the world as a place in which God is at work and which is full of His appeals and of His presence.

Thus we enter, with Christ who offers living water, into the dry and lifeless areas of the world […]
announcing His gospel of hope to the many poor who inhabit our world today.

The world’s many ‘poverties’ represent thirsts that, ultimately, only He who is living water can assuage.
Working for His Reign will often mean meeting material needs, but it will always mean much more,
because human beings thirst at many levels; and Christ’s mission is directed to human beings.

[Excerpt is from Decree 2 of the 35th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, 2008]