Apostleship of Prayer

Chris Chatteris, S.J., the coordinator or the Apostleship of Prayer, introduces this important ministry.

The origin of this movement was in a 19th century Jesuit house of formation in France. The students were so keen on going immediately to missions abroad that they wanted to cut short their studies to do so. Their superior cleverly persuaded them to continue studying but also to begin their missionary work through their prayer for the missions.

The movement expanded until it became adopted by the universal Church and today there are two official intentions of the Holy Father for each month of the year. One is a general intention, the other a specifically missionary one. They can be found here: http://www.popesprayer.net/

My weekday job is teaching theology and English to diocesan seminarians at St Francis Xavier Seminary in Cape Town. So the Apostleship of Prayer is my weekend or evening job. The main part of this is producing a monthly reflection on the Pope’s intentions for publication in The Southern Cross, our local Catholic newspaper http://www.scross.co.za/. The column is entitled ‘Praying with the Pope’.

The other bit of the job is to produce and circulate a pamphlet every year designed to help people participate in this apostolate of prayer. This would normally include the Pope’s intentions for the next 12 months, the Morning Offering and other prayers. These pamphlets are designed and distributed by the Jesuit institute and kindly funded by the South African Jesuit Region.