Cape Town Community

One of the major works that the Society does for the Church in South Africa is to run the St Francis Xavier Orientation Year Seminary. But Jesuits are involved in a variety of ministeries within the Archdiocese of Cape Town beyond seminary formation. Whether it is serving as Chaplain to the students at the University of Cape Town and celebrating Mass at Kolbe House; or living and working with the people in the parish of Nyanga; or serving as a researcher for the Parliamentary Liaison Office of the South African Catholic Bishop’s Conference, Jesuits are as active in Cape Town as they are in Johannesburg. Our community in Cape Town is often host to many Jesuits from around the world who come to Cape Town to study for periods at the University, or to improve their language skills, or just to take in the sheer beauty of the people and landscape that the country has to offer. Over the years we have hosted Jesuits from many different countries and so our community is often a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures, but we are able to come together and pray each day thanks to our shared spirituality and commitment to the varied apostolate that we have been missioned to in Cape Town.