Christ is raised from the dead

Know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time (Matt. 28.20)


Christ appearing to his disciples after the resurrection by William Blake

In your dear flesh, Lord, lies man’s turning point;

what was till now sheer struggle to survive

is lit with glory.  Risen, you anoint

us in God’s Spirit, in his love alive.

From hearts bereaved, hearts dimmed with mortal dread,

you roll away death’s stone, reveal new dawn,

eternal home to which your way has led,

where, safe in Father’s arms, we rise reborn.

Love’s light rolls back dark powers, so now we fight

for goodness hand in hand with heaven’s Lord.

Bread, given in dying, glorious life makes bright

with fullness of your Spirit, love outpoured.

One with your Father, you dwell with us still,

our present power to do his saving will.

– James Fitzsimons SJ

© This work is the copyright of the Society of Jesus in South Africa.  It may not be reproduced without express permission by email.