36th General Congregation Ends in Rome – “Men on Fire with the Gospel Passion”


General Congregation 36 closes

The one major decree that will come out of the Congregation will be the result of long conversations, both in small groups and in the aula, under the general theme of “Life and Mission of the Society”. Although the official text will be published by the General Curia only in a few weeks from now, we give you an idea of the summary and of the main themes that are dealt with in this decree.

For the record, a committee had been created before the Congregation to bring together a large number of propositions that had been sent by the Provinces, “postulates” that could be gathered under that broad topic of the “Life and Mission of the Society of Jesus today”. All along the weeks, this committee – supported later by other members of the Congregation – continued the work: several drafts have been prepared, presented, discussed in groups and studied in the aula by the delegates. Finally, on November 10, after going through a very large number of amendments, the Decree was voted and accepted by the Congregation.

Read on at GC36 website for some of the key elements of this decree.