PRESS STATEMENT: South Africa’s Gender Based Violence Crisis

The Jesuit Institute South Africa has issued an urgent press statement reflecting on the high incidence of gender-based violence crimes in recent days and the present culture of violence all too prevalent in our social fabric.

[…] The situation also points to a moral and spiritual bankruptcy in our society in which the value placed on human life, and women’s lives in particular, has been eroded. The fact that people can inflict such torture and harm upon another human being, and sometimes on someone they claim to love, can only be the result of a deeply distorted sense of self and the dignity of the other.

As faith-based organisations we need to work together to provide support to women, children and men affected by sexual violence. We need to create a counter-culture in which the dignity of each person, created in the image and likeness of God, is seen and honoured. We need both to act by challenging the status quo and by working to address the multiple root causes of Gender-Based Violence within society and within our own organisations. […]

The press statement can be read in full on the Jesuit Institute South Africa website.