Child Protection and Safeguarding

The Society of Jesus in South Africa adheres to the protocols laid out by the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference for all Jesuits ministering in South Africa. You can read their policies here.

Children and young people have a very important place in our Church and we are always eager to encourage their active participation in Church life. We are committed to doing everything we can to create a safe and welcoming place for our young people, where their welfare is of greatest importance. It is our policy to ensure that children and young people will always be safe, protected and supported in all activities associated with the Church.

If you have any concerns about the well-being of a child or young person connected to or involved in the Church, or you suspect that a child or young person may be being abused by anyone within the Church, please report the matter immediately to the Police and one of the Archdiocesan Contact Persons (details given below) or to a priest whom you know. Please provide as much detail as possible, so that the matter can be quickly and fully investigated, in the first place by the Professional Conduct Committee of the Archdiocese.

It is important that we do everything we can to protect children and vulnerable adults and to prevent them being harmed in any way.

Contact Persons

Society of Jesus in South Africa

Child Safeguarding Contact Person: 

Archdiocese of Johannesburg

Child Safeguarding Contact Persons: 

  • Sr Shelagh Mary Waspe, +27 (83) 256-1422
  • Mrs Justina Sithole, +27 (83) 359-7225

Archdiocese of Cape Town

Child Safeguarding Panel:

  • Michael Baker, +27 (82) 493 8493,
  • John Sheraton, +27 (21) 705 5131 (h), +27 (83) 277 7999
  • Bernadette Ross, +27 (61) 052 3650)

Child Safeguarding Contact Persons: